And the word is Sacred…


For me words are holy. They have the power to start a revolution, squash beefs, quiet babies and convey undying love. My life’s goal has been to hold words and wordsmiths sacred.

Welcome to Seed and Source Literary Group. We exist to hold words and wordsmiths sacred.

I was sitting in church one Summer Sunday morning. My minister played a song written by James Taylor… New Hymn. It was a song that I’ve never heard. I was stunned… I thought I knew ALL his music. But this one got by me. I was moved beyond words, as I was sitting there letting those lyrics wash thru me and over me. I was caught off guard by Seed and Source. I knew immediately that these words would change my life and be the catalyst for a piece of my life’s dream.

If you are a writer and have something to share with the world that is greater than your whole self, consider us as your possible literary agents. Or maybe you have no idea where to start, but you know you have a story to tell.  Allow us to represent you and your work. Allow us to help guide and manage your writing career. We invite you to look at us as your extended family on your writing journey!


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